Tabaccheria Spinelli

A Place to Buy Good Cigars

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Tabaccheria Spinelli is a small smoke shop based in Vaprio d'Adda, a small town situated between Milano and Bergamo, Italy. The shop is managed by Andrea Spinelli, who is also the owner and the N.1 employee. He works with his family with passion and great attention to clients. The shop's main income is made up by selling cigars and accesories.

New Energy Club

Fitness, Wellness and Great People in One Place

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New Energy Club is a leading gym force in northern Italy. The company is all about Fitness and Wellness and it manages 8 Fitness centers in Lombardy. They have gyms all around Milano: Melegnano, Treviglio, Busnago, Martinengo, Caravaggio, Landriano, Sesto Calende and San Fiorano. They strongly believe that fitness activity should bring joy and happiness into people's lifes and following this credo they're helping their clients to stay fit and feel good every day.