New Energy Club

Fitness, Wellness and Great People in One Place

New Energy Club is a leading gym force in northern Italy. The company is all about Fitness and Wellness and it manages 8 Fitness centers in Lombardy. They have gyms all around Milano: Melegnano, Treviglio, Busnago, Martinengo, Caravaggio, Landriano, Sesto Calende and San Fiorano. They strongly believe that fitness activity should bring joy and happiness into people's lifes and following this credo they're helping their clients to stay fit and feel good every day.

I met with one of their executives back in May 2012. We immediately agreed on a lot of things and we started appreciating each other. Through the months we developed a good friendship, keeping constantly in touch and cooperating on different projects. When times were mature enough, they called me to do a redesign of their general New Energy website.

The new website is an expression of what New Energy has developed as a credo through the years of practice. The main target of the project was to convey to the clients a fresh and joyful message. So, instead of filling up the site with images of massive people and muscle men, we decided to follow a completely different approach and use sporty and smiling photos that were good enought to pass happiness and a weightless look and feel.

We also introduced a brand new feature that has never been used before in this area: a one day free try through a coupon. The user inserts his name and the activity he wants to try, choosing between those available in the gym he is trying to attend, and voila: the system automatically generates a coupon code and sends it to the client and to the gym. By printing that coupon and by presenting it at the gym reception, anyone can have his own free day of training!

Another cool and interesting feature is nested in the Activity page. Based on what part of the body the client wants to develop, he can filter through the dozens of activities and choose which one is best for him. All this is accessible by simply clicking on the tags on the top of the page.

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.

Alan Thicke