From Idea to Reality

Who is the guy behind this

Hi, my name is Nikolay Kolev and Appixify is my personal brand. The idea of it was born when I completed my University studies in Milan. I was trying hard to find a good job but then, after a short period of research and after having considered all the working options, I decided to start something on my own: something that would reflect my personality and my aesthetic taste, both in the code and in the design.

I'm a 25 years old web and software designer and developer. I graduated in University of Milan and I'm constantly trying to do some cool designs and code some tasty apps. I'm truly excited about all the new features introduced in HTML5 and CSS3, but I also keep a well-focused attention on improving my PHP, MySQL and Ajax skills as well. I try to deliver simple websites which look good and offer a great user experience. I apply the same intentions on the iOS apps I design and code, writing some ObjectiveC and moving pixels around with Pixelmator, Sketch and Adobe Photoshop.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

I'm Bulgarian but I'm currently based in Fara Gera d'Adda, a small but lovely town situated between Milan and Bergamo, Italy. I speak fluently Bulgarian, Italian and English and I'm available worldwide.

I will be glad to keep in touch with you! So, don't be shy and drop me a few lines using the Support form, follow @nikokolev on Twitter, check out the Appixify Facebook fan page, inspect my skills and see my latest works on LinkedIn and remember to check out my blog and to share my posts.